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1000+ Now

On last Saturday i wrote an article “Social Evils Returns” and planned to post it on Sunday. So on Sunday when i posted it up and had my look on status, i was happy to see i had completed 1000 hits on my blog. That was really good to see having got 1000 hits.

I created my account for blogger on 10th or 12th of May his year, by the way i was nerd to blogger that time and i took my time to understand its features. I posted my first post, “The New Guy In The Town” on 6th June 2010. On same day i also posted, “The Biggest Dog” and “Fear Now Face It”. I mailed nearly all of my friends about starting a blog, initially only few of my friends used to visit and sometimes they also used to leave comments for me. Traffic was quite slow that time and i haven't made even 100 hits till July but most of friends had their favorite article, “The Biggest Dog”. Most of my friends put me some words of praise on this article. I also have an another blog, “Part In Me” there i use to post some poems that i wrote while on high school. On July 13th one of my friends replied to my poem “Yes I Do This Crime” to post an incident which should be based on the theme of that poem. And on 15th of July “The Rule Breaker” got on wire. And all of sudden i started getting several hits, my friends started mailing that article to their friends and asked them to read and on that time i really started getting traffic and the cheap counter code that i picked from web got mad and started showing some random numbers, i got paid to listen my reader. After posting an article , “Truth Beyond Reality” i stopped writing further since i had no Internet connection for sometime then.

On October first week I wrote an article, “100% Lawful” and asked some of the website to publish it but they declined to publish it as it appears controversial. So i decided it's time to get back to blogger and i published it there, since i haven't updated it for months i had lost my viewership, most of my loyal reader of that time haven't yet returned. By the way i hoped their return and continued writing further. The hot on list was, “Truth Beyond Reality”, this post itself contributed to 10% hits to total hits i have till now. On other hand i heard some people are debating on the contents of article on Zorpia. Other 10% is contributed by these articles “The Dog Who Became An Engineer” and “The Rule Breaker ”. “India:As The World Can See It” gave 5% of traffic till now.

Who Contributed To Traffic:
Overall 80% of my visitors are from India, 10% from US and rest 10% from other countries. Following are the list of countries in order from highest visitors to lowest visitors,
  1. India
  2. US
  3. Netherlands
  4. Australia
  5. Canada
  6. China
  7. UK
  8. Germany
  9. Denmark
  10. Malaysia
Other countries than India started visiting my blog just after “100% Lawful”. I thank all my visitor for visiting and hope their further visits. Your comments can help me improve the quality of blog, so please don't hesitate to comment. Comments are most welcome and will help me improve. Thank You once again.

Who Bought Me Traffic:
Following are sites which bought this blog traffic(from highest to lowest )
I thank all these guys for providing me with traffic that contributed 1000+ hits to my blog and hope your further visits. Thank You once again and please keep visiting.

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