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About This Blog

Hello Dear Visitor,
My name is Nrupen and I have completed my B.Tech in Computer Science And Engineering. This blog started as my personal blog and with time now it changed into a blog that includes tips tricks, hack and counter hack techniques along with my regular blogging experience. Blogging so far was really very nice experience for me, with time I learned blogging is just about learning every day. On this blog you may find my personal experiences, blogging tips, tech-tips and hack and counter hack methods. Please note that I don't teach you hacking I teach you how you can become victim of hacking and methods to prevent yourself from them just because I believe “No countermeasure is good enough until you know how the attack will be performed.”. And hence we discuss both hacks and counter hacks. At present I am pursuing my further education in Linux and Computer & Network Security. I will try my best to provide you with easiest and fullest explanation on security related topics but computer security field evolves in fractions of minutes to seconds so though I'll try my best to give you best explanations I can't guarantee it'll be fullest form. If you love reading my blog then please subscribe it via e-mail and get all of them delivered to your inbox. If you want to learn blogging or build career in field of security please have a look on product section to see my recommendations. Thank you, have a nice time and keep visiting.

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