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Counter Hack Reloaded:

Product: Book On Ethical Hacking
Pages: 784
Writers: Ed Skoudis, Tom Liston
Publisher: Prentice Hall

I have never read previous edition of Counter Hack but I always knew it is one of the most sold books on hacking. By the way when I read its second edition I got why its creating so much hype in professional security world.  

Head First HTML:
If you are novice hacker or even if you are new to programming and want to know from where to start your journey to programming then I must tell you most seasoned as well as new programmers will agree to start with HTML. HTML can not be really considered as programming language but still its always better to start with something that's easy and mostly used.
As a first time programming student many people get horrified with variables, commands, symbols, scripts etc. Head First HTML is designed to tackle all those problems and make learning enjoyable. Though book was published few years ago its still good to start with it for anyone to HTML from novice to seasoned programmer.
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The Complete Reference Linux:

Product: Book
Subject: Linux
Name: The Complete Reference Linux
Pages: 830
Writer: Richard Pitersen
Publisher: McGraw Hill Osborne Media

If you want to become hacker you can't deny the fact that you must know about different OS and if you are a penetration tester there's no way you can pull your hands away from Linux. Since Linux is more like UNIX if you master Linux, you can say you know something about UNIX too.
SpyTech Spy Agent:

Product Name: Spy-Tech Spy Agent
Product Type: Spyware
Category: All in one
Platform: Windows based spyware

Spy Agent is one of the complete PC Spying package available from Spy-Tech which usually makes only Spying software. Its quite easy to use and provides easy interface. It can be installed in both stealth and non-stealth mode.

Sniper Spy:
Product Name: Sniper Spy
Product Type: Spyware
Category: Remote Spy
Platform: Windows and Mac

Sniper Spy is one of the most loved spy-ware used all over the world. Unlike any other spy-ware Sniper Spy have a very unique feature of live broadcast of victim's screen that means you can watch live what is going on your victim's PC. Like any other spy-ware it have all features of a basic spy-ware along with Remote Log delivery by the way this feature might not appeal you since its already a remote spy spy-ware. You can install Sniper Spy remotely on your victim's system which means you don't need any physical access to your victim.
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Product Name: Win Spy
Product Type: Spyware
Category: Remote Spy
Platform: Windows

Win Spy is one of those spywares which has got high reputation online for remote monitoring. It has all good features that a hacker may need in a spyware. It can be used to monitor both remote as well as your own system. User interface of Win Spy is damn easy to understand and can even be understood by a novice to spying software. The advantage Win Spy shares over another spywares is its capability to work smoothly even under low bandwidth victim or a victim whose bandwidth is heavily loaded. Though each spyware developer claims that their product can sustain heavily loaded victim or victim with low bandwidth, I think Win Spy made it pretty good to prove it. 
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