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Book Review | Counter Hack Reloaded

Book Review | Counter Hack Reloaded

Product: Book On Ethical Hacking
Pages: 784
Writers: Ed Skoudis, Tom Liston
Publisher: Prentice Hall

I have never read previous edition of Counter Hack but I always knew it is one of the most sold books on hacking
. By the way when I read its second edition I got why its creating so much hype in professional security world. The book keeps you stuck in it as you begin reading it. It is highly aimed at real professionals in field of security and surely no beginners job in it. You must have sound knowledge of Windows, Linux, Networking and hardware to move on with this book. Though I am big fan of Hacking Exposed series books I can't deny the fact this book also won my heart. Keeping everything clean and cool Ed Skoudis and Tom Liston have provided a full professional and technical touch to book that any security professional will love to read.

The book basically begins with basics of Networking, Windows and Linux and then covers all phases of hacking in detail. This is not just an another ready made pie but a complete cookbook for hackers. The book also offers some real world examples and also helps understanding some stupid and some high level mistakes that even highly experienced professionals also commit unknowingly.

Now who can read this book:
As I told earlier this book aims only those who have sound knowledge of OS and networking. So if you have somewhat experience in above things surely this book is piece of pie for you. Even if you are second year computer science student you'll not face any problem reading it and surely you'll enjoy reading its content. Next if you are sure-shot beginner there's no way you should even think to touch it because at last you may find your head spinning.

My personal rating to this book is 5/5 in all aspects.

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