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1. Always remember
An inconvenient truth is always better than a comfortable lie.”
Don’t lie yourself.

2. “When you make a serious mistake, punish yourself.
If you want to pardon, pardon others but never pardon yourself.

3. “There is only one thing in this world which is absolute and that is you.
While taking decisions make sure all world moves around you and you are free to take your decisions, don’t blame others for your mistake if you seek some advise as help, take responsibility for your decisions.

4. “Your right decisions are very much prone to bring you troubles. If none of your decisions ever brought you any troubles before success, it means you have never made any right decision.”
When you make correct decision it means you are inviting troubles. Always remember be ready to face troubles rather than getting an inconvenient solution.

5. “Decision made under anger, fear, personal interest, personal comfort, and influence may appear very much right but are always wrong.
Always think above cast, religion or just little trust on someone to make decisions. Anger and fear will make you take wrong decisions, rule: 3 is the thing you must follow when caught in fear. Seek for advice if in need but use your own brain.

6. “If you are taking decisions for others make sure you must be there to relax him.
When we make decisions for others make sure to relax them if our decision is going to hurt them. Remember it’s your responsibility to make sure he does not cultivate any wrong feeling for you, for his feeling only you will be responsible and not the one who had cultivated that feeling.

7. “Modernization + Traditional Way=Pollution, Modernization + New Way=Innovative Solution.
Change with the modern world , take only positive changes not the negative ones. Don’t always stick with traditional way, think for a better, alternative and newer solution.

8. “The biggest enemy of a man is he himself, then his family and last the society.”
Yes the biggest enemy of man is he himself because he asks himself to quit when gets tired of all the mess he faces as troubles. The next comes family, every man is so much fond of his family that sometimes he forgets what is right if they start criticizing him. The last but not the least comes the society many people think they are so much bound to live as others live, sometimes they really forget what they really want even though they are not doing anything wrong, do what you want forget rest of the world. The enemies comes in following order,

Whenever such situation comes your way just ask yourself, what you are doing is really wrong and if the answer is there's nothing wrong just move ahead forget everything else. Remember rule:3 it's just you at last who will matter, because when you will prove that you were right all of them will come to tap your back.

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Akola is one of places in India which is famous for religious rivalry(Hindu-Muslim rivalry). When we were transferred there it was difficult for a cowardly boy to stay outside. Though the place is famous for Hindu-Muslim rivalry there was no discrimination. This is one the biggest thing observed by me there, time has changed and also the people and now no one harasses me anymore. While new in school a tall robust Muslim guy came and beat me just because someone told him I joked something on Allah. He was not ready to listen anything from me and beat me. In lunch break I sat on very last seat weeping in corner. Everyone one was having there lunch and sometimes they were also looking at me as a poor guy. As I was new in school my classmate Vivek was told to stay with me until I make new friends, just as a student counselor. He sat near me and told me don't bother about what happened many of the Muslim guys are just like him. He was not wrong when I was in Nagpur and in Bhandara many times I took advantage of their this nature to take revenge from others. The real thing is that they don't even inquire what is told is true or not. One day new traffic lights got installed nearby my apartment. To enjoy lights at night I started roaming outside at nights while everyone else in home was busy watching television shows.

I was 13 when I saw a boy nearly of my age beat a Rickshow-Puller dead. When he was beating him in front of me I thought only a drunkard is getting trashed till he smells the ground. It was the next day I got he died on spot while being beaten. I got frightened and now for the very first time till now I really got fade up of fear and decided now its the time to face it. Nearby our apartment there was Vasant Desai Stadium were I use to go for running. I tried to increase my rounds from 3 till I reached 12 rounds without fatigue. I increased my meal specially milk in breakfast and soon became big strong and my weight increased to 76 kg. I turned robust and was having nearly 10-12 chapatis for every lunch and dinner. I had also started push ups and pull ups and I learn t moving around parallel bars and started practicing boxing from the guys who use to come stadium for practice. My Dad thought all that I am doing is just a change that happens with every boy while in young age and he advised me how to exercise at home. Soon I started feeling strong, sturdy and full of rage, i was waiting for someone to get a trash from me. And soon the day arrived, once I was going for tuition a guy hit my cycle from behind and instead of saying sorry he started scolding me as it was my fault. I shouted at him and he ran away without uttering a word. But the very next day he was standing there with two other boys I stopped my cycle and went near him and before we speak a word I directly slapped him down. The anger of being coward for years turned into wrath for the first time and I was unleashed as never before. I beat three of them mercilessly and was not at all feeling guilty for it. One of them had a fateful day because he might have suffered multiple fractures in his right hand. The day I became strong and I never looked back from there, I feared no one may be stronger or weaker than me. I fought between Hindus-Muslims while in Bhandara and sometimes also available for other kinds of street fights there. Things changed and now the cowardly guy is feared as one of the most fearless violent guys of city. I have learn t how to face my own fears and still standing tall on my stance.

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I was residing in Wardha when in 6th class. I was still a cowardly guy fearing nearly everything outside when alone. Before Wardha I was in Yeotmal where I developed liking for kites. I don't exactly remember from where in Wardha I use to purchase kites but the way to kite-shop was full of dogs. Dogs nearby use to bark at me sometimes but my Dad once told me don't run when dog barks else the dog will bite you so I used to move slowly whenever any of the dog in lane use to bark at me. The real thing is that fear of 14 injections was more than a dog bite. I think it was Saturday when I took Rs.5 from my Mom to purchase kite and rather than purchasing a cheaper one I bought one kite for Rs.5. It was big and beautiful blue colored rocket tailed kite. I was in regular Saturday uniform I.e white shirt, shorts, socks and tennis  shoes. While returning I heard dogs barking very loudly, I turned around and shocked to see a group of dog was running near me (In fact some dogs were chasing other dogs but that time I felt they were behind me). I started running and some of them started chasing me. While running one of them came very near to me and my kite got torn. I became so angry that I lifted up my right leg and kicked the dog and pressed his head against the ground. In feat of anger I forgot I am surrounded by group of dogs but suddenly I got my senses and looked around, all the dogs that were chasing me were standstill. They were making groaning sound but no one was ready to come near me. I lifted my leg from the dog under my feet and I saw his jaw in all that blood thing and my shoes became dirty of his blood and saliva. I moved little ahead and they all moved back. For the time I was feeling like a movie hero but in place of goons there were dogs against me. I started running behind them and they all ran away barking at me just to show off they don't fear me. After that whenever any dog use to bark at me I would pick  stones and beat the hell. After some weeks from that day every stray dog in way started fearing me. The feeling was great for a coward boy at least someone fears him. From that day till now I don't fear any dog coming in my way and I consider they should be afraid of me because while on streets they can't mess with the BIGGEST DOG which is me.

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My Dad was Government Servant since my childhood. We were supposed to move whenever any transfer order use to come. Basically a transfer order used to arrive after every 3-4 years but sometimes it use to come early in a year. My dad always wanted his children to learn from a highly reputed school so before we shift he use to make sure which school in area have highest reputation in current. When you shift to any new school they ask student for nearly 65-70% mark-sheet, a test paper and an interview with new teachers. I never had any liking for writing, writing answers was like headache for me so when i use to feel sure that now my mark sheet will be 65-70% aggregate I would stop writing any further and have a nap. The habit not changed even during my graduation, when I use to feel passing is done, its time to move out. So whenever I use to appear for any kind of admission test and interview my name use to appear very first in newly selected student list for school. Parents of other children never use to tolerate this that a ST guy tops every admission test. They intentionally make their children stay away from me(Things changed when we moved Wardha till then things were same). I had very few friends or you can say nearly zero in every school I used to shift, on the other hand they use to hide my bag, steal my compass box and gave me all sort of troubles they could give. I was afraid of them so I never told my parents how other students treat me while in school. I use to feel lonely and frightened while in school but scenario at home would be different I had some friends to hang around and I stayed carefree. From that time I cultivated odd feelings for all those people who differentiate others on basis of caste and religion and I still hate them. Every time we shifted, we have to forget previous place and start to learn the newer place. Slowly I lost my interest in enjoying new places and started believing its better to stay at one place. My habit of not moving around new places also came from here, I started liking only those places which I know just as we like only those faces we know. I know nothing special about any place I stayed or staying now, for every now or then I know only regular places. In past when I use to shift here and there and in the present when I do not move anywhere the feeling for me always remains the same, I am just a new guy in the town.............!

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