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So I am back with something new to tell about. I know the title may appear some what different but the topic is really more interesting than title itself. My this article focuses on people who accept things as they are told and don't even think to apply their brains to think about its reality. People don't know about the truth and accept truth as it is served but they forget that, “Truth half told always equals lie.”, isn't it. Yes believe it or not but it is bitter fact and you can't deny it. So people around you most of time tell you half truth and you tend to believe in to a level that you start doing wrong things. From here I'll proceed to those people who always build their views on half told truth.

Today we know English is most used language in world, so India don't fall in exception to it. Today most of the Indian writers who prefer to write their books in local dialects of their state often complain and insult English language in their writings, they also write wrong about people who prefer using English than their own mother tongue. They tend to end every time telling their own language is superior to English language. Now I don't understand how can be a language can be superior just because we use it, it's just pure bullshit. The real thing is that today English is used every where, therefore people are learning it and started adopting that language, which has caused their own compositions unsold in market and people don't even know about them. The other problem is that their writings doesn't even good enough to make a person sit and read them because they never come out of past while writing anything while people are always prone to read something about present and what will be the future. Now the real bitter thing for them who always insult English as inferior and bad language, the language is made great by its people and not by religion, and the people who use English language made that language this famous that nearly each country uses it. Now why other languages never grew up as English. British people actually ruled each and every continent on planet and at some particular moment of time they were available everywhere on this earth. Britishers always thought they were superior to others just because of their education and discipline so they started educating everyone in spite of what their caste, religion and color is. The education they offered was in their own language that is in English and hence today people use their language as mass communication language. On the other hand in India education was available since years but only some particular caste and religion had right to take it, that is Brahmins. They were always few in numbers to the large population that was left uneducated and never given right to learn anything and like this they always exploited other group of people. When Britishers came here they provided education to everyone who wants to take it, this was like dream come true to other groups of people who always wanted to get education, so no matter in what language they were getting it they took it and like this their language became one of the most dominant language of world. And our language never made even to dust particles in our own country just because we were always stood with our poor opinion about particular group to take education. Doesn't feel like burning candle below your ass ? Yes it is because truth comes with only one fact, that is reality and nothing else.

Today we can say there are many news channels who always flash news of Indians being killed in foreign countries while seeking education. Before we discuss on this matter I want to ask, do you think, they have any good reason to do that. Many of us say they do this because of caste or religion matter and some people say because we are superior to them in studies. Now I need an explanation on this before I agree on their opinion. Every year we hear several news about Hindus killing Muslims and Muslims killing Hindus in India and the reason is very simple Hindu-Muslim Rivalry. Things don't end here, in India father and brother who boast of loving their daughters and sisters kill them, just because she falls in love or does an inter-caste marriage. And the next thing to ask how many Indians will agree that studies we are having in India are more practical than any other foreign country. Many Indian students qualify for foreign studies via foreign studies exam undertaken by Central or State government which is again just a theoretical exam. Yes I believe we become superior to them in studies when we join their universities but when our students enter there, they are just as average as any other average student of India who doesn't qualify during State board exams for entrance. And if they think our students don't deserve to get admissions in their universities because of a theoretical entrance exam then there is nothing wrong because we are not only stealing their right of education but also their jobs even though they are more eligible than us. And if you say of caste then, in our own country we never understood a person is more important and not his/her caste then why we are pointing on them, we don't deserve to point our fingers to them just because they are not doing any different thing than what our own people do in our own country.

We all are really fade up of terrorist activities and we blame government for not providing us protection against them. But the real thing is that they have ample money to break into our system and do their activity. Now you will say if money makes way easy to enter why don't we do something, that will stop their financial resource. I think that is really difficult to do because we are the people who actually pay terrorists for their activities. I am not mad to say that, it's really us the people of India who pay them. Nearly each and everyone of us is equally responsible for making their financial resources strong. Terrorists make their money from websites that offers you songs and movies for free download and pirated CD's and DVD's. Nearly everyday income of these sites is Rs.12,00,00,000+ from overall India. Over all income via per state for pirated CD's and DVD's is above Rs.30,00,00,000 every month. An overall income via other pirated and smuggled things goes above Rs.5,00,00,00,000 every year. By the way these numbers are of year 2009 and may increase towards end of 2010. Now you can calculate we pay them Rs.12,00,00,000 for all 365 days of year, plus Rs.30,00,00,000 each month from nearly every state plus Rs.5,00,00,00,000 as an extra bonus every year. And we still blame government for this just because we don't want to accept our own mistakes. Even this feels like burning candle? Doesn't it?

There are many such things which are half told truth to people and they often make mistakes by considering them as complete truth. Media is specially responsible for this, just because they want to sell their programs and they often hide half truth from people, which gives them another chance to make some breaking news. The truth we are told always therefore just a half told truth, and the fact of what is truth always remains beyond reality.

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