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Celebrating 5 Years Of Glory

I don’t really remember when i joined Crazy Engineers but i know when i registered i was in second year and i was advised to join by my friend Kunal Satao. I was nearly nerd to computing though i was planning to become a good Engineer, he told me to learn some professionalism about Engineering trade and learn it from a site specially designed and crafted for engineers. I joined but not activated account until i cleared my exams and after that the day arrived when i tried to activate my membership of Crazy Engineers. Many of you might laugh i don’t even knew how to activate account and i mailed several times to site Admin to help me activate it. Head ache.......! isn’t it. For quite long time(might be some months) i just used to open pages and try to have look on ideas of intellectual minds.

Due to non-availability of Internet connection i usually used to visit CE only on Saturdays by activating daily GPRS pack on my Airtel card which usually was hard on my pocket that time. When i entered final year i became regular on CE and learned a lot, as i found it useful i advised many of my friends to join CE. I don’t know how many actually joined and how many not but i am sure the one who have joined must have learned much about their trade on CE. Usually i only visited technical threads on CE forum and i still visit only technical discussions because for other things i think i am quite good facebook fan. 

This month CE celebrated it’s 5th anniversary and it was surprise when i came to know that CE started just 5 years ago that means when i joined CE it might have been just established. Next thing that came as question mark is CE started as a venture of single person on a single PC based server with just handful of amount(50$ nearly 2500 INR). Many of the guys working as CE employees are even younger to me and most of them are just college students that means i sit among most brilliant minds while on CE. Today CE has 85,000+ members including students and highly qualified professionals and most of them are already established blogger.

It feels good to be addicted to technology hence i got addicted to CE. Everyday i send considerable amount of time on CE finding what’s new going inside minds of people who are making this world a better place to live. If you are the one who is anyhow related to any trade in Engineering then i invite you to join CE to celebrate the job you do the and enjoy the work you are master of.
Click the following link to register

Facebook Vs Facebooz

Facebook Vs Facebooz

In year 2008 a tool was released for facebook hacking the tool is known as facebooz(also known as facebook freezer). A lot had been discussed whether the tool is really capable of hacking facebook passwords. Many think its just a joke that a tool can crack facebook passwords. So keeping unnecessary things behind lets try to find out why this works or if it not works they why. The tool is specially targeted to, yes that’s the mobile version of facebook. By the way facebook claims that the vulnerability is patched but still the tool has been downloaded millions of times from its release that means the claim is just a false excuse. I created a fake facebook account with password “Monkey” and facebooz got no issues cracking it that means the tool works. Then i changed password to “M0n7e1” and the tool failed to guess it that means it failed to work. The thing which can depress you is its speed of operation, by the way it happens due to need of software needing re-authentication grabbing so you need patience.

The final say is that the tool works only on guess-able passwords which can be found on dictionary. So if you are the one who have used facebooz and haven’t found it useful then it might be the case the victim of whom you want to crack password have strong password, the password which can not be found in any dictionary. And for those whose password can be easily guessed are advised to change their passwords to something which can not be guessed easily. So either facebook will win or facebooz just depends on password strength of victim. So keep your passwords strong and be safe. If you don’t know how to create and remember strong passwords following is the tutorial that can help you.

Facebook "news feed" are actually malware | Cyber Terror Book! Hacker5 is India's First Hackers Magazine. Unite All Indian Hackers.

Facebook "news feed" are actually malware | Cyber Terror Book! Hacker5 is India's First Hackers Magazine. Unite All Indian Hackers.

Feedback And The Reply

Since my final year of college i got interested in Open Software. Not just because it’s free but it gives you freedom to modify codes in a way you want. Since now i want to get myself seriously involved in Open Source environment so i thought it’s better to begin with any magazine specially dedicated to Open Source. So this month i purchased Linux For You magazine which is completely dedicated to Open Source Platforms and Open Source Softwares. Honestly i was interested in Linux since my college days but seriously using it hardly since one year and though i am using Linux from year there are many things i still don’t know i thought will get answered in magazine and of course i felt sorry for myself. I am using Linux from a year and if i can get problems then what might be condition of the people who are touching Linux for the first time. So as a feedback i mailed their editorial a suggestion, following is copy of mail i sent them.

This month for the first time i purchased Linux For You. There is no doubt your work was awesome and contents were pretty good. But there was something missing, if i am the one for whom Linux is new there is no basic tutorial. I know supplying same basic tutorial each time on magazine is not possible but this problem will arrive to every new user. I think here's the solution why not provide PDF files on every month DVDs as common tutorial which can teach user to install Linux, how to get hands on commands and how to install apps from their source code and packages, a PDF file will hardly take few MBs. But this step will be beneficial to everyone who will be touching Linux for first time.

And this is what a reply i got today from them,

Thanks a lot for the feedback. The idea of bundling articles related to newbies on the LFY CD or DVD is awesome. This can surely help us promote Linux/OSS amongst newbies. Thank you super-ton for such a simple idea which can have a major impact on LFY’s ability to help newbies.

With this mail he also forwarded me a copy of mail he sent to Linux For You Team so that i can be assured the feature will be available soon, following is the copy he sent me,

LFY team: Pls try and pack as many as newbie articles in a folder and also highlight this folder on the facia of LFY CD or DVD. This must be a regular feature—either on CD or DVD. And should be mentioned on our contents page too.


Surely i know the idea was simple and needs to master brain but to my surprise why no one ever thought this way. By the way i am happy due to me, many others link me and the one who are touching Linux and Open Source software for first time can surely get benefit by the step Linux For You magazine decided to take on to help Linux newbies. So good luck my fellas and happy computing.

The Feedback Form

Hello visitors this is our first guest post on this blog. This article is written by my younger sister who is currently pursuing her MBBS form IGGMC Nagpur.  Enjoy reading something different from me.

It might be just a week after Diwali we returned college since our vacation got over. Lecture of physiology just ended and two physiology PG students entered the class and distributed some papers to everybody. When we saw it carefully it was a feedback form for grading lecturers and suggesting ideas for further improvement. Then i started grading and first of all i graded CardioVascular System (CVS) lecturer. Head Of Department Of Physiology entered the class, she told that grading should be done between 1-5 and be frank to grade since you don’t have to put your name or roll number it’ll be secret. Actually it was written on last line of form grading that grading should be done between 1-5 then i realized i graded CVS lecturer 0 so i scratched it and made it 1. And not only me most of the students in class rated him 1 and with great difficulty someone voted him 2. And since all other lecturers teach good we put them some satisfactory marks.

Then it was time for comments for improvement in teaching. Then I got into some serious discussion with my friends. And came to these conclusions. Following are our suggestions,

The course is very wast and for each topic we have to read 2-3 different books and if we’ll spend whole time reading one topic we don’t get time to look on other subjects.
1. Class test should be chapter wise not unit wise(whole class might have put this as common suggestion).

While using power point slides lecturers only read what is written on slide they actually don’t explain anything.
2. Chalk and board method should be used rather than power point method.

They never tell us before teaching what we must read before attaining class.
3. Should not ask questions while teaching.

They ask several questions to last bencher’s but their voice actually never reach back benches.
4. Use microphones while teaching, voice of lecturers don’t even reach to middle benches.

Once my friend said, “Its better to sleep in Physiology lecture because we can’t understand anything. If we take our nap now then we can stay awake for more time to study during nights.”
Thats the way they bore us while teaching.
5. Way of teaching should be made more interesting.

We should not be forced to write notes because we can’t understand anything to take notes since handwriting and pronunciation is not clear.
6. Handwriting should be clear.
7. Please use clear and correct pronunciation.

Then PG students came and collected forms forcefully if they would have given us a day to give suggestions then we may have written full essay on teaching suggestions, it might have happened that we have to use extra paper as supplementary. I would have suggested to replace Physiology lecturer Usman Sir since his handwriting is poor, his pronunciation is worse, he is not loud and when he himself uses his own notes to teach for each topic during class, he have no rights to ask questions since he never let any student ask question during class and he runs away from class after taking attendance. By the way we knew suggestions would hardly make any difference in system administration but as there was complete privacy there was no fear to give any suggestion. You might feel suggestions are funny but they came out by real serious discussions.

I hope suggestions should have made any difference because it’s not lecturer or HOD who have to face but the one who have written the feedback forms but we all know all those feedback forms were just taken as procedure implemented by government and on end of the day they might have sold all those suggestion for the price of crap.

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