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Celebrating 5 Years Of Glory

I don’t really remember when i joined Crazy Engineers but i know when i registered i was in second year and i was advised to join by my friend Kunal Satao. I was nearly nerd to computing though i was planning to become a good Engineer, he told me to learn some professionalism about Engineering trade and learn it from a site specially designed and crafted for engineers. I joined but not activated account until i cleared my exams and after that the day arrived when i tried to activate my membership of Crazy Engineers. Many of you might laugh i don’t even knew how to activate account and i mailed several times to site Admin to help me activate it. Head ache.......! isn’t it. For quite long time(might be some months) i just used to open pages and try to have look on ideas of intellectual minds.

Due to non-availability of Internet connection i usually used to visit CE only on Saturdays by activating daily GPRS pack on my Airtel card which usually was hard on my pocket that time. When i entered final year i became regular on CE and learned a lot, as i found it useful i advised many of my friends to join CE. I don’t know how many actually joined and how many not but i am sure the one who have joined must have learned much about their trade on CE. Usually i only visited technical threads on CE forum and i still visit only technical discussions because for other things i think i am quite good facebook fan. 

This month CE celebrated it’s 5th anniversary and it was surprise when i came to know that CE started just 5 years ago that means when i joined CE it might have been just established. Next thing that came as question mark is CE started as a venture of single person on a single PC based server with just handful of amount(50$ nearly 2500 INR). Many of the guys working as CE employees are even younger to me and most of them are just college students that means i sit among most brilliant minds while on CE. Today CE has 85,000+ members including students and highly qualified professionals and most of them are already established blogger.

It feels good to be addicted to technology hence i got addicted to CE. Everyday i send considerable amount of time on CE finding what’s new going inside minds of people who are making this world a better place to live. If you are the one who is anyhow related to any trade in Engineering then i invite you to join CE to celebrate the job you do the and enjoy the work you are master of.
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