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Feedback And The Reply

Since my final year of college i got interested in Open Software. Not just because it’s free but it gives you freedom to modify codes in a way you want. Since now i want to get myself seriously involved in Open Source environment so i thought it’s better to begin with any magazine specially dedicated to Open Source. So this month i purchased Linux For You magazine which is completely dedicated to Open Source Platforms and Open Source Softwares. Honestly i was interested in Linux since my college days but seriously using it hardly since one year and though i am using Linux from year there are many things i still don’t know i thought will get answered in magazine and of course i felt sorry for myself. I am using Linux from a year and if i can get problems then what might be condition of the people who are touching Linux for the first time. So as a feedback i mailed their editorial a suggestion, following is copy of mail i sent them.

This month for the first time i purchased Linux For You. There is no doubt your work was awesome and contents were pretty good. But there was something missing, if i am the one for whom Linux is new there is no basic tutorial. I know supplying same basic tutorial each time on magazine is not possible but this problem will arrive to every new user. I think here's the solution why not provide PDF files on every month DVDs as common tutorial which can teach user to install Linux, how to get hands on commands and how to install apps from their source code and packages, a PDF file will hardly take few MBs. But this step will be beneficial to everyone who will be touching Linux for first time.

And this is what a reply i got today from them,

Thanks a lot for the feedback. The idea of bundling articles related to newbies on the LFY CD or DVD is awesome. This can surely help us promote Linux/OSS amongst newbies. Thank you super-ton for such a simple idea which can have a major impact on LFY’s ability to help newbies.

With this mail he also forwarded me a copy of mail he sent to Linux For You Team so that i can be assured the feature will be available soon, following is the copy he sent me,

LFY team: Pls try and pack as many as newbie articles in a folder and also highlight this folder on the facia of LFY CD or DVD. This must be a regular feature—either on CD or DVD. And should be mentioned on our contents page too.


Surely i know the idea was simple and needs to master brain but to my surprise why no one ever thought this way. By the way i am happy due to me, many others link me and the one who are touching Linux and Open Source software for first time can surely get benefit by the step Linux For You magazine decided to take on to help Linux newbies. So good luck my fellas and happy computing.

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