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The Feedback Form

Hello visitors this is our first guest post on this blog. This article is written by my younger sister who is currently pursuing her MBBS form IGGMC Nagpur.  Enjoy reading something different from me.

It might be just a week after Diwali we returned college since our vacation got over. Lecture of physiology just ended and two physiology PG students entered the class and distributed some papers to everybody. When we saw it carefully it was a feedback form for grading lecturers and suggesting ideas for further improvement. Then i started grading and first of all i graded CardioVascular System (CVS) lecturer. Head Of Department Of Physiology entered the class, she told that grading should be done between 1-5 and be frank to grade since you don’t have to put your name or roll number it’ll be secret. Actually it was written on last line of form grading that grading should be done between 1-5 then i realized i graded CVS lecturer 0 so i scratched it and made it 1. And not only me most of the students in class rated him 1 and with great difficulty someone voted him 2. And since all other lecturers teach good we put them some satisfactory marks.

Then it was time for comments for improvement in teaching. Then I got into some serious discussion with my friends. And came to these conclusions. Following are our suggestions,

The course is very wast and for each topic we have to read 2-3 different books and if we’ll spend whole time reading one topic we don’t get time to look on other subjects.
1. Class test should be chapter wise not unit wise(whole class might have put this as common suggestion).

While using power point slides lecturers only read what is written on slide they actually don’t explain anything.
2. Chalk and board method should be used rather than power point method.

They never tell us before teaching what we must read before attaining class.
3. Should not ask questions while teaching.

They ask several questions to last bencher’s but their voice actually never reach back benches.
4. Use microphones while teaching, voice of lecturers don’t even reach to middle benches.

Once my friend said, “Its better to sleep in Physiology lecture because we can’t understand anything. If we take our nap now then we can stay awake for more time to study during nights.”
Thats the way they bore us while teaching.
5. Way of teaching should be made more interesting.

We should not be forced to write notes because we can’t understand anything to take notes since handwriting and pronunciation is not clear.
6. Handwriting should be clear.
7. Please use clear and correct pronunciation.

Then PG students came and collected forms forcefully if they would have given us a day to give suggestions then we may have written full essay on teaching suggestions, it might have happened that we have to use extra paper as supplementary. I would have suggested to replace Physiology lecturer Usman Sir since his handwriting is poor, his pronunciation is worse, he is not loud and when he himself uses his own notes to teach for each topic during class, he have no rights to ask questions since he never let any student ask question during class and he runs away from class after taking attendance. By the way we knew suggestions would hardly make any difference in system administration but as there was complete privacy there was no fear to give any suggestion. You might feel suggestions are funny but they came out by real serious discussions.

I hope suggestions should have made any difference because it’s not lecturer or HOD who have to face but the one who have written the feedback forms but we all know all those feedback forms were just taken as procedure implemented by government and on end of the day they might have sold all those suggestion for the price of crap.

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