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I was nearly 13-14 year old when I felt like getting some hope in me. I was sheer believer of science and still I am. My Mom and Dad were sheer believers of God. My Mom still prays each and every God that ever appeared in Hindu mythology and my Dad is great devotee of Lord Shiva. They use to teach us believe in God by telling us mythological stories, by the way when any special condition use to come, I use to wonder how can this situation can be true it is exactly opposite of what science tells us. It was always hard to believe there really exist anything like supreme power with name like Gods have. However I never had any guts to oppose anything said by parents but after the rickshaw puller incident I was gaining little charge coz I was becoming aggressive. My Dad use to fast twice a week while we suppose to wonder which day of week Mom will not fast because there is always any occasion on behalf of some God to fast. I can't remember any of her fasting had ever bought any laurels to family but what I can see is she is still suffering from many kinds of nutrients deficiencies. Also you can't go to cut your hairs before Sunday, in fact only Sunday is the day for haircut. It also sometimes included restrictions on what to eat which day and at what time.

It was like fateful day for my parents when this happened. I directly opposed to believe existence of God. I was reluctant to listen them and I was standing on same view,“i can't believe on anything which I can't see, listen, feel. I had never seen it, not heard, not even ever felt its existence. Please pardon me from now i'll not believe its existence.”. I was strong on my point and I was not ready to listen anything kiddish to believe there is something like God having several hands or faces. There is only one thing that is available in universe other than non-living things and that is life and I am just a little part of that life. Please never try to convince me that there exist any supreme force like God because i'll not believe unless and until you have any powerful evidence that will prove its existence. I can't take more of it because I AM FADE UP OF GOD.

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