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The Dog Who Became An Engineer

While in first year students of all branches used to attain their lectures in Administrative Department. When we moved on to second year, all students were moved to their respective Departments, so me and my friends got their new classrooms in Computer Science and IT Department Block. Soon we found that a clumsy brownish canine dog used to sit in girls corner during lectures. We use to laugh on the clumsy condition of that dog but as the time passed suddenly all found something special about that dog. Following are the points that were noticed,

  • The dog used to attain, only the class of our batch.
  • He used to listen every lecture so carefully, even we never used to listen that way.
  • If he misses any lecture, he used to enter the class just before next lecturer enters in.
  • He always used to have sit in girls corner.
  • Even he never even missed any exam, with a difference that he wasn't given question and answer sheet.

Jokingly our class students named him as “Deva”. Deva was one of the active students of college and never used to miss college events and lectures. During college gatherings he use to run on stage, at least once to mark its presence. From second to final year Deva was regular as a class student, even my attendance might not equal his attendance, he was so sincere. After final exams students went to their native places and returned after some months to take their Provisional Degree. Students were discussing their college days, my friend Sumit Rathi said, “You may not know but our college is specail one because, it not only made us engineer but the canine sitting there also became engineer from our college, so i'll be always proud to be part of extra-ordinary collge.”. Of course that was joke to laugh on. last time when i saw Deva, he was sitting near Department gate rubbing his ears, as we all were moving out with intention job or PG next, he might me thinking WHAT'S NEXT.

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