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When It Doesn't Take A Minute To Say Thank You

Some days before i visited, long before i had created an account on it for free SMS. When i had created an account on it, its group SMS service was really very poor as compared to any other free sms service. When i used it, i was so annoyed that i sent an email about their group SMS service is crap as compared to other to support team. Though i criticized their service, they never bothered to reply me on this type of criticism. A week ago i got their SMS which stated their service has been improved than before and also group SMS has been made more reliable. So to give a chance i visited it once again a day or two before, and i was amazed its loading time is improved than before and site loads faster than before. So as i criticized it for group SMS service i tried to have a look one more time, and this time they cleared all my doubts about group sms because i clicked select all and send SMS and i was able to send SMS to more than 40 people including me. I pressed send button and message appeared “SMS sent successfully” and as i pressed log out, my phone beeped and i was delivered message, it was hardly 5 seconds i had pressed send button and message got delivered. It means the criticism was taken very seriously.

I was so happy to express because every time after that i used it, it failed to disappoint me by delivering every message within seconds. So i decided to mail them again and say thanks for the improved service. Next day i got this reply.
Hello Nrupen,

Thanks for using free sms service's, soon in some coming years Site2Sms.Com is going to Offer 320 Characters Long Sms (Free Of Cost)
Keep using and also recommend your friends to use it to send free sms anywhere in india.

We @ Site2Sms once again thanking you for using free sms service's and for sharing your feelings towards with us.

Thanks & Regards,
Site2Sms.Com Team
They never complained about the criticism i did and thanked me for sharing feelings towards them. This shows us, how sometimes we forgot to thank people who provide us with free services and we hardly bother to say thank you but we surely criticize them if we found any problem in service. From my this post i want to thank each and everybody out their in this world who make free OS and software for us and also provide us with several free services for which we never actually bother to thank you though we know making those things available for free is a job with pain and it becomes gold plating on silver plate when someone rather than bothering for your efforts complaints if there's any problem. And my final thanks to all members of GOOGLE and BLOGGER team who provided people like me platform like blog to share views with world.

Don't you feel “THANKS” is really a very little word to express our gratefulness, though we forget to thank someone for what they did for us. Though people doesn't bother if you never thank them but think this way why we should not thank, “WHEN IT DOESN'T EVEN TAKE A MINUTE TO SAY THANKS”.

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