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Facebook Hacking Tools Compared

Facebook Hacking Tools Compared

I don’t know why but people really getting mad behind facebook cracking softwares. Most of those softwares that claim to break into facebook are just fake pieces of code. The day I posted “Facebook Vs Facebooz” it got so many hits that made me write this another part to facebook hacking tool. Here we will cover some other facebook hacking tools other than facebooz, if you want to read about facebooz please visit this article “Facebook Vs Facebooz”. Here we will compare some other tools than facebooz.

1. Hell And High Water Facebook Cracker:
It another dictionary based hacking tool just as Facebook Freezer or Facebooz. All you have to do is just load password list along with User Id and the software tries until it succeeds and if the victim had kept a strong password like this “m2Fw”9a1)) there’s no way this software can crack it with billions of attempts. Next thing is its damn slow, no doubt it works but your list doesn’t contain the word which is password after millions of attempts you will just scratch your hairs. Our verdict its its awesome if victim is fool and junk if you are fool.
2. F-Cracker Or Facebook Cracker:
I tried to download it from several different resources and every time when i opened it it got caught as mal-ware. I disabled my Anti-Virus and then tried once again it appeared and disappeared in fractions of seconds then I checked open ports using “netstat” command and I found its not any facebook cracker its just a malware to lure you. So next time when you see F-Cracker be sure its malware.

3.Facebook Password Decryptor
The thing that actually works is this software but you’ll need physical access to victim’s computer. This software tries to exploit inbuilt password safe of browser installed on victim’s computer to get password. Note that it works only if the password is stored in browser’s password safe or in any password management utility.
So at last what we can say that dictionary based attack may not work on everyone and the next one needs physical access on victim’s computer, by the way if you had got physical access why you need running a cracking software, better install key-loggers. As per my view is concerned currently no attack is better than shoulder surfing to facebook cracking. I hope these reviews solves your facebook cracking mystery. Your comments and criticism both are welcome thanks for visiting.

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