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John The Ripper | Compilation

John The Ripper | Compilation

John The Ripper is one of the best command line password cracker available today. Its primary purpose is to detect weak passwords for UNIX and UNIX like systems thus helping UNIX network administrator to audit weak passwords. It officially supports several UNIX and Linux systems along with windows.
In this following tutorial we will learn how to compile John The Ripper for UNIX and Linux. In windows you don't have to compile it since its binary executable files are available so all you have to do is extract zipped file and done. Please note that command line switches in John The Ripper is same on any platform so can select any platform to practice but here for now we will see how to compile John The Ripper for UNIX and UNIX like systems.

First of all download John The Ripper tarball archive from Open Wall and extract archive to folder you want. As an advise I would recommend you create a tools folder in root directory and extract tarball archive there. Once extracted you'll find a folder with name john is created in extraction directory and it is appended by its version number. Now open shell terminal window and type following commands,

[root@localhost~]cd /tools/john-1.7.6
[root@localhost~]cd src
[root@localhost~]make clean SYSTEM
[root@localhost~]make clean generic

Now if everything goes smooth without error then type,

[root@localhost~]cd /tools/john-1.7.6/run

and type following command

[root@localhost~] ./john
If you get above output then compilation is done successfully else find out what mistake you did while compilation and repeat compilation process again. Please note that once source is compiled you can copy john folder anywhere and make it work for you even you can migrate compiled files to another system but there's no way I am gonna advise you do that. Whenever you want to use John The Ripper on another UNIX or LINUX system compile code than taking previously compiled code because a code compiled on any other system does work fine but suffers with performance penalty. So always compile code than migrating it. I hope everything was easy, still got any problem feel free to ask.

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