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Classic Indian Monkey King Tale Vs Modern India

Long ago there was a man who was traveling from jungle to his way back to home. On his way back he came across a huge tree cladded with moneys. Monkeys started teasing him so he threw some stones on them as a reaction monkeys also threw fruits of tree on him. The yellow fruit that was thrown at him fall down and its fragrance filled environment with its sweet smell. The man got so attracted to smell that he picked the fruit and tasted it, to his surprise he was speechless to the delicious flavor of fruit, he picked some from the thrown fruits and headed towards kings palace. He offered fruits to king’s court, all tasted it and fall in love with the fruit. Prince had also tasted the fruit and he asked his father to get some more for him, king ordered his soldiers to go with the man and bring fruit for the prince.

Soldiers reached to the tree, there were small monkeys around the tree, one of the soldiers climbed tree and started plucking fruits. Small monkeys around started troubling that soldier and stopped him from plucking the fruit. Fade up of them soldiers started attacking them and all of sudden a huge group of monkeys jumped down from the tree. They were so big in size that soldiers got tight in their suits to big and robust monkeys. Now all soldiers were surrounded by monkeys and then the tallest and most robust monkey of them came near those soldiers and screamed like hell on their face, all soldiers ran as death is coming behind them. They reached palace and told king about the huge monkeys and what they did to them. The Prince asked King for permitting him to teach those monkeys a good lesson. King nodded and soon a big army was heading towards the tree, monkeys saw the huge army coming towards them and started running away from the tree. The monkey who screamed on soldiers was helping all to move out from danger zone.

Even after watching that monkeys are leaving the ground prince ordered to put arrows on bows and after some moments there was rain of spears and arrows on tree. The huge monkey who was helping others saw a small monkey kid hidden on tree, he was shivering with fear. He was already out of danger area but as soon as he saw kid on tree he came running, he even not cared about the arrows and bows that were getting thrown at him, he got seriously injured but was not ready to give up, he reached the kid, picked him up and started running with him away from the tree. Several arrows and spears pierced his body but he saved the kid from even minor injury. Before he fall down he made sure the kid is out of danger area. The monkey was now fallen on ground, hurt badly, bleeding counting his last seconds because soldiers has put their arrows on bows for final countdown.

The prince was also watching this incidence and was so moved that before the soldiers shoot their final arrows he stopped them before they leave the string. He then ordered his soldiers to bring monkey to their camp with honor, hospitalize him and give proper treatment. When the monkey showed some sign of getting well King and Prince decided to meet him. Prince said, “I don’t know why you did that. Till now I have seen no human being attempting what you did for the kid, the bravery you showed was never seen before by anyone. What we did was a mistake, all we wanted was that fruit.”. To this the monkey replied, “I am King of the monkeys who used to reside on that tree. That tree was their home and the fruit was their only food. As a king its always my duty to save my subjects from danger, provide them with food and shelter. I trashed your soldiers because it was just my duty to protect my subjects and their needs. The real job of king is not ruling, his real job is to protect his subjects and development for future. I don’t blame you for the mistake because the fruit itself make people fall in love with it. It may be the most delicious fruit, its name is Mango.”.
The king and the prince accepted their mistake re-instated monkeys to their Mango tree and took seeds with them to cultivate it and crowned mango as King Of Fruits, because of it they learned what is real duty of king.

Story of today:
Tree is India, Mango is Kashmir, Our politicians are king of tree and terrorists are the one who want to grab mangos. So terrorists are attacking India to have Kashmir but our politicians are doing nothing other than giving lectures. There was a day when for saving single subject from getting hurt the king came running without caring for his life and today no matter how many they kill our politicians just prepare another lecture and do nothing than giving one more boring speech. There was a day when mango made people understand meaning of ruling, today money defines name of ruling. Classic story have a happy ending but out story still have painful color and showing no signs of end, so far as I think we have not even reached an interval.

I hope our rulers should learn something from classic tale of India what is meaning of ruling because till now they are moving with wrong meaning.

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