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My Documents Vs Language Barrier

Last month i went to Tehsil office to create name verification certificate. That verification certificate was required for my exam which will be undertaken under Electronic Council supervision. When i went there i found there’s only one person who can create documents in English and he is out so all others started arguing with me to make documents in Marathi. By the way i would not have minded making documents in Marathi but the documents were meant to be sent to Delhi and who knows Marathi there. I have to wait for 2 hours for the person who can create those documents in English since there were only two persons who can make documents in English and one of them was on leave. While i was waiting for the official who can help me create those documents a similar kinda event popped out  from my college memories.

I was waiting in line with other students for submitting some kinda form, sorry i forgot which form since we have to submit so many documents every year its hard to remember which document was asked for and when. A group of south Indian boys were arguing with student section clerk over some issue for long time and since they were in front of us we were really cursing them to clear their argument soon. And then the clerk shouted, “Who’s senior here?”, though there were many i went forward and asked, “What’s the problem?”. The clerk gave me a document and asked read to it. I took my look on the document and said, “I can’t understand a word.”. Reason the document was made in south Indian language and people of Maharashtra hardly know any south Indian language. All those words were just like design or something like cipher code to me and so was the case with the clerk. And the long discussion that was going on was due to refusal of clerk to take a document which he could not understand.

I supported him and asked the south Indian boy it is acceptable that when you are creating a document which is to be submitted to another state then it must be in a language which they could understand and not which you could understand, your document was supposed to be in English and not in some south Indian language. All other students also supported my view because there wasn’t a single person who can understand a south Indian language. They rushed away in anger and since i was now in front of line i submitted my form and documents and leaved student section. Don’t you feel that there should be some standard language in which all our documents should be made so that people like us could become free from such problems.

I can’t understand how dumb is the decision of Indian government to allow each state make official documents in their own language. So far as i feel official documents should be either made in Hindi since it’s our mother tongue or in English since it is professionally accepted language. Students migrating for studies will always face language barrier with documents when they will be submitting documents to some other state. I don’t know what other’s think but i feel language barrier is one of those big factors that is affecting speed of development of a country. We as people of India boast about rich culture when talked about language problem of our country but assume that you are in a state at a place where no one knows English and of course your language too is unknown to them and you want to ask a thing which is really very important you ask a person to help you. He looks at you trying to understand what you mean then he speaks something which you try to understand what he mean. After sometime he fades up of you and leaves thinking how dumb are you and you think how dumb is he but in reality how dumb are we since every state is trying to prove our language is superior so they don’t want to learn Hindi or English.

Honestly speaking if we are anyhow ready to make any language standard in which all our documents will be made and will be accepted all over country without arguments no matter how hard the language is, i am ready to learn since it will clear all those problems which we face now due to language barrier while creating and submitting documents. And don’t bring Sirji between battle of Documents Vs Language Barrier, because even his idea which can change lives can’t solve this problem.

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