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Save Your Facebook Account-3

Though phishing sites and Facebook Cracking tools work fine they can only be used to trap a user who usually don't know much about computing threats. To capture the one who is not really a shit head , the attacker may installer a key-logger in system. There are many free and commercial Key-loggers available in market that can be used for this purpose. A key-logger can not only help attacker to get your facebook password but might also help him gain access to your e-mail passwords, credit card numbers and other confidential information. Most anti-virus programs can detect free spy-wares and key logging tools but commercially available key-loggers and spy-wares are difficult to catch using anti-virus programs available in market.

So for removing spy-wares and key-loggers you'll need special anti-spy-ware and key-logger detecting tools. Sniper-Spy and Win-Spy are the key-loggers that doesn't get detected by any ant-virus program. It is commercially available and hence strong for any anti-virus program to get detected.

For removing key-loggers and spy-wares you need software like Spyware Detector, Spy Shelter, KL-Detector and Spyware Doctor. All these programs are commercially available anti-spy-ware and anti-key-logger software. Spyware Doctor has been reported as software which can practically remove any commercially and freely available spy-ware or key-logger.

But as you know to install key-logger and spy-ware an attacker may need physical access to your computer with administrative privileges so its better to avoid attacker’s physical contact with your computer, so better not leave your PC alone. But again its not possible, so here's some practical solution to this problem,

-If you use laptop enable boot time password, I know bypassing BIOS password is easy but believe me not that easy if you own a laptop.
-Provide Administrator account a strong password and then create an other account with administrative privileges and disable Administrator account.
-Use syskey utility to enable additional encryption on user accounts database.
-Never disclose your administrative password to anyone.

Above tips can help you prevent your system from facebook hackers as well as key-loggers and spy-wares. So in next issue we’ll discus final method which can be used to hack your facebook account and preventive measures against it. Have a nice time and keep visiting.

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